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Jennie the Looney
5 March
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Davison High School - Davison MI (2001 - 2005)
University of Michigan - Flint - Flint MI (2005 - 2009)
University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago IL (2009 present)
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10th kingdom, alan davies, alexis castle, another misprint, audrey hepburn, benny goodman, bertie wooster, big bad voodoo daddy, billy boyd, billy joel, blue man group, bones, books, brian jacques, buffy, carmine giovinazzo, castle, catch 22, charlie eppes, cherry poppin' daddies, claudia donovan, craig ferguson, criminal minds, csi:ny, d&d, daniel radcliffe, danny messer, david krumholz, david tennant, ddr, dead like me, diana wynne jones, discworld, doctor who, don flack, douglas fargo, duct tape, duke ellington, dungeons and dragons, ed greenwood, eddie cahill, elijah wood, eric millegan, eureka, firefly, five iron frenzy, flashpoint, flogging molly, forgotten realms, frank sinatra, french horn, glenn miller, gwen cooper, harry potter, holst, j. r. r. tolkein, jack harkness, jack hodgins, jazz, jeeves, jeeves and wooster, jeeves/wooster, john coltrane, john watson, john williams, kate beckett, kevin ryan, kirsten vangsness, labyrinth, less than jake, lord of the rings, louis armstrong, m*a*s*h, marching band, matthew gray gubler, maynard ferguson, mellophone, miles davis, monty python, movies, music, mustard plug, numb3rs, penelope garcia, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, qi, quite interesting, redwall, reel big fish, robert jordan, robin mckinley, roleplaying, ryan/esposito, save ferris, scrubs, serenity, shadow unit, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shiny things, show tunes, simple plan, ska, sleeping, spencer reid, spider man, sporks, st trinian's, star trek, star wars, stephen fry, swing, swords, tamora pierce, tenth doctor, the beatles, the mentalist, the princess bride, tj thyne, tom felton, torchwood, trumpet, warehouse 13, west side story, wheel of time, wolverine band camp, wombats, zack addy
I am:
A graduate of University of Michigan-Flint with a B.S. in molecular biology
An ex-page
Avid reader
Easily obsessed with tv shows
Oldest child
Music junkie
Unemployed with a Masters degree *sigh*

Don't recognize my username on your flist? I used to be mb_jazz_freak87.

I have an icon community: whosatthedoor

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